Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Residence: Los Altos, CA
Previous Teams:
Team TIBCO 2007-2008,
TEAm Lipton 2005-2006,
Aquafina/ SS Lazio (Italy) 2005
Chirio D Fornslo (Italy) 2004,
Goldys, 2003
Intermountain Orthopaedic, 2002
Career Best Results: 1st, Citta di Cimmagliore, 2005
2nd, Stage 3 Vuelta El Salvador
3rd Tour de Okinawa, 2005
Favorite Races: Bermuda, Jayco Bay Crits, Tour d Montreal

2008 Team TIBCO
1st Idaho State Criterium Championships
4th Wells Fargo Boise Twilight Criterium
4th Burlingame Criterium
5th Sugar CRM Memorial Day Criterium
9th Merco Credit Downtown GP

2007 Team TIBCO
5th Vacaville GP
6th 4th of July Davis Criterium
12th Quad Knopf Classic Criterium
*completed stage races Redlands, Tour of Gila, Nature Valley GP, Tour de Toona, Tour of Montreal and worked as a domestique for Brooke Miller.

2006 TEAm Lipton
1st Idaho State RR Championship
2nd Santa Ana Grand Prix (1.1 El Salvador)
2nd Galena Hill Climb, Ketchum, ID
3rd Roger Milkin Memorial Criterium Brea, CA
4th Stage 5 Vuelta Ciclista Feminena El Salvador UCI
8th GC Vuelta Ciclista Feminena El Salvador 2.1 UCI
3rd Idaho State Criterium
4th Martinsburg RR Tour de Toona
9th Stage 1 Tour de Toona
*Completed over 65+ days of NRC/UCI racing as a domestique. Acquired 37 UCI points.

2005 TEAm Lipton
4th Twilight Criterium, Boise ID
8th Stage 1 Tour de Toona
3rd Stage 2 RR Joe Martin
13th Stage 5 Trophee d’ OR, France
11th Stage 6 Trophee d’ OR, France
3rd Bermuda Grand Prix RR
Giro Della Toscana

2004 Chirio Forno d’ Asolo Italian UCI team
Guest Rider for America’s Dairyland/ Aquafina/ Excel Sports
1st Citta di Cavallermaggiore 1 edzione 16 May
1st Prologue Colorado Cycling Classic( NRC event) Estes Park, CO
2nd GC Green Mountain Stage Race Waitsfield, Vermont
2nd Bensenville Criterium- Superweek
2nd Elkhorn Stage race (Criterium and Road Race)
15th Nazionals Kriterium Liechstien
13th GC Cascade Classic
6th Twilight Criterium- Boise ID
21st GC Tour de Toona
6th Stage 3 Altoona to Johnstown
10th Stage 5 Martinsburg
5th Womens International Open- Chicago, IL
12th Downer’s Grove Criterium Nationals- Chicago, IL